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Maiden and the Monster ebook

Maiden and the Monster ebook

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Medieval Historical Romance

WINNER of the 2006 RT Bookclub Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award!

Award Winning and a Recommended Read, Historical Medieval Romance from NYT Bestselling Author Michelle M. Pillow

Vladamir of Kessen, Duke of Lakeshire Castle, is feared as a demon in the land of Wessex. The kings have granted him a title of nobility in exchange for his part as a political prisoner. Discontent, he bides his time in his new home until war will once again rip through the land. But boredom soon turns to pleasure as the daughter of his most hated enemy is left for dead at his castle gate. Now the monster bides his time plotting revenge.

Lady Eden of Hawks’ Nest doesn’t know what to think of the man who saved her life, but she can’t wrench her thoughts away. His words are those of a tyrant, true to his vicious reputation, but his touch is that of a man, stirring passion when there should only be fear.

It would seem the infamous monster is not as monstrous as he appears.

Length: Long Novel Plus

604 pages

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Barbara Harrison
Medieval Wessex 878

Set aside two days for this steamy historical romance set in Wessex in 878 when King Guthrum of Danelaw (which would eventually be eastern England) sends Vladamir of Kessen in Northumbria to be a hostage to secure the peace with King Alfred the Great of the Christian Saxons in the west.

Historical Medieval Romance

4 1/2 stars-This was a gripping dark romance story to read that I enjoyed. The romance characters: our H, Vladamir of Kessen, was a dark flawed character that flowed thru the pages. His personal demons of that being a political prisoner and the loss of his wife shaped him where he embraced being a monster made him a character that had to woo you to like, but in the end, you'll will embrace him. Then you have our h, Lady Eden, who was beaten and tossed in a pile of animal waste in front of his castle gate and discovered still alive was then reluctantly taken into Lakeshire Castle was very personable to like. When it's discovered she's the daughter of his neighboring enemy, Vladamir's attitude changes, and you root for Eden to discover why. This is a Historical Medieval Romance which I rarely read. It's set in the time when the British gained control after the Vikings ruled most of Britain was interesting to read and the dark romance was steamy. Overall, I enjoyed reading this story that I'd received a copy and volunteer to read and review.

C. Sinclair
Excellent Story!

Maiden and the Monster is an oldie but goodie by author Michelle M. Pillow and stands the test of time as a precursor to the amazing catalog of reading to come.
Originally published in 2005 this Medieval Romance is a heart tugger that delivers an emotionally charged tale of a fearsome tyrant Duke and the maiden that will EVENTUALLY soothe the savage beast, despite the rough beginnings.
These were and still are my favorite kind of books to get lost in and this one had it all from the intrigue, suspense, romance, captivating writing, well crafted characters, and immersive story.
Definitely a keeper!.